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Karate In The Olympics! Tokyo 2020





Karate is in the Olympic Games. The 129th Session of the International Olympic Committee being held in Rio de Janeiro has decided to incorporate the sport of Karate in the programme of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. This decision represents an outstanding and ground-breaking moment for this ancient discipline. 


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Okaigan Dojo

Teaching in Cupertino for over 30 years, the Okaigan Dojo is a traditional, family oriented, karate school; specializing in Shotokan karate instruction for children and adults. We provide classes 7 days a week at all levels, from beginner to advanced and even special needs. 

Classes help teach respect, concentration and self discipline as well as focus on traditional karate skills including kihon (basics), kata (forms), kumite (sparring) and bo (weapons: staff) training. 

The Okaigan Dojo is affiliated with the USA-NKF (the governing body for Karate recognized by the US Olympic Committee). Our students compete regularly at the national level and have won numerous National Championships. Members of our advanced competition team has also won positions on the United States Junior Karate Team and medaled in International competition.